How to Create the Landing Page of Your Dreams

With so many Marketing campaigns being digital these days, Landing Pages have become a staple in the Digital Marketing home.

Used to maximise conversions and generate leads, Landing Pages help enhance these Marketing strategies by promoting specific products and/or services that your business provides. They are a guiding light, coaxing Customers further down the conversion funnel.

Landing Pages differ from a Homepage, they hold a specific message regarding a short-term goal such as communicating a promotion or event, with the Page displaying a clear CTA (Call to Action) prompting a Customer to buy your products, engage with your brand or sign up for more communication.

If your eyes are lighting up at the thought of more conversions and a building of brand trust, read on to begin the construction of your ideal Landing Page.

Captivating Content

Captivating Content

The writing on your Landing Page is going to sell your brand and products, so it must undoubtedly be clear and succinct. You won’t need an overwhelming paragraph describing every detail of your service, instead opt to stick to the goal of your Landing Page and don’t go overboard with your content.

Your heading and subheadings should be clear in alerting Customers as to what the purpose of the Page is. They are going to be key influencers in conversion.

When you’re creating the written content for your functional Landing Page, consider your audience, go back to your created Client Avatar or audience persona to grasp onto what they desire. If you’re highlighting the benefits of your products or service in a language that inspires your Customer, they are more likely to feel connected to your brand and engage with your Call to Action.

Lucid Layout

Lucid Layout

Expressing your brand through language will sell and connect you to Customers, but the first impression is made by a brief glance when the consumer first lands on your Page. If looks could kill, without a truly lustrous layout, looks could certainly kill your conversion.

A simple and well thought-out layout will add to the trust your Customers associate with your brand. Using alluring images to grab the attention of your audience and show off your products will be one of the first things that catches their eye.

The best Landing Pages are minimalist and easy to navigate. The last thing you want is your Customer being sidetracked from the goal at hand.

Don’t forget to test the capability of your Page, including A/B Testing (a user experience methodology) to test the users’ actions and behaviours on your Page, as well as making sure it is Mobile-friendly for all those Mobile Phone fanatics out there (there’s a lot of them).

Keep the Conversation Going

Keep the Conversation Going

Your Landing Page may differ depending on the goal you’ve set, but either way the trust needs to be built and leads need to be generated!

Keep any forms for Customers to fill out short. Only ask for essential information, less is more in this case.

You can factor in other features such as testimonials to gain recognition, as a whopping 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Consider how to keep your Customer engaged while receiving information from them firsthand so your brand is top of mind and the leads are flowing.

Using this guide, go ahead and create that Landing Page which is going to create leads, generate sales, build brand awareness and drive conversions for your business.