Why 2023 Is a Great Year to Get Your Small Business Online

We all know it’s been a wild few years, and we wouldn’t blame you if all you felt like doing was curling up into a ball and going to sleep. That is a big 2023 vibe! But you might be surprised to hear that this could be the year to go one step further with your Small Business and get it onto the world wide web!

As each new year dawns, the power of technology continually increases, and after the couple of years we’ve had, there is now a huge reliance that many people place on the internet.

There's never been a better time to ensure your business has a growing Online presence.

Not only can Websites do more with each passing year, but they are relied upon by more and more people, and with an increasing emphasis on Website design, 2023 is the year to take your business’ Online presence seriously.

COVID-19 Has Changed How People Buy and Browse

COVID-19 Has Changed How People Buy and Browse

The pandemic isn’t necessarily over, but it’s certainly changed how people shop, buy, browse, and act. With a 22.2% increase in Online transactions in 2020 alone, your physical store alone isn’t able to reach your target audience. There was also a rise in Social Media usage and advertising. Getting a Website is necessary, Digital Marketing is the key addition.

It’s time to start looking at how to design a Website that attracts the huge amount of traffic that has infiltrated the Online sphere.

And while a lot of us spent time cooped up at home during the peak of COVID-19 constantly surfing the web, this also shifted the mindset of how we now act coming out of that state.

Adding to this, with inflation and the cost of living on the rise to top it all off, the house with the white picket fence and the big backyard isn’t what everyone strives for anymore, for a lot of people it’s simply out of financial reach. People are now looking for experiences, looking for products and services that add to their quality of life, and this is great for Small Businesses.

With so many people no longer focusing on saving for a home, they have disposable income that is itching to be spent on services and products. Some of this disappears in travel, but a lot gets spent on ‘luxury’ items.

And guess where people are looking for these products? Online!

Google Is a Key Influence on What People Buy

Traditional marketing, word of mouth and a physical shopfront still have a part to play in the success of your business. But, with the increased dominance of Google, the importance of these mediums starts to dwindle. Google has become the number one way anyone searches for new products or services, and the advertising choices of small and large businesses is steadily shifting from traditional print or television ads to Google Ads campaigns and other Online Digital Marketing options.

And after the dreaded pandemic, the business landscape has shifted drastically, with Online becoming the dominant option for people to buy and browse. Even though it might feel like we’re slowly coming out of that brutal time, the stats show people are sticking to their Online shopping habits.

So, what does this mean for your business in 2023?

Basically, if you’re not promoting your business Online, you’re missing out on more Customers, Leads and Sales.

Every business, big or small, needs to create a Website. And you don’t just need a Website; you need to be making the most out of Google and other Digital Marketing avenues to actively drive people to your business. With the ever increasing number of people searching for products and services, having a strong Online presence will give you the opportunity to bring in some of this business.

Better Technology Equals a More Responsive Website

Over the last decade, clunky and unattractive Websites have very much gone out of fashion, with Online capabilities of Websites and eCommerce platforms continually improving throughout 2023.

A Website isn’t just an Online business card anymore, they’re now capable of a myriad of functions that make your potential Customers’ lives easier. From the basics of Online shopping to customised booking calendars and responsive functionality, using the latest in Website development, there are a lot of things a modern Site can allow you to offer Customers. These adaptable features allow for a better Customer experience and a better chance for you to sell your products or services.

These trending features also tie into the huge rise of users buying and browsing via a Mobile Device. If your Site doesn’t look good on the small screen of a smartphone in someone’s hand, then you’ve just lost a wild amount of potential Customers.

You need the Web page design of your Site to not only look good, but allow Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet users to easily navigate your Website so they can take your desired action (buying or booking!).

It could require procuring the services of a Web design company to craft you a custom Web design that not only looks stunning, but ensures that your Site is responsive, no matter the device.

3. Copywriting to Entice Customers

The internet has brought every product imaginable within our reach, and all with just a click of a button.

The modern consumer shops Online at a whim and can spend hundreds of dollars on products Online. Technology has given us immediate access to products all over the world, and we love it. As a business you need to be taking advantage of this. Online stores can make sales at midnight from the other side of the world, all while you’re fast asleep, and this is what the modern consumer looks for – the immediate supply of a product, minus shipping time of course. By making your products available Online you can drastically increase sales to a whole new demographic.

This means it’s imperative to create an eCommerce Web design that gives your Customers a seamless shopping experience so they place your products straight into the cart and click that ‘buy’ button!

To take advantage of this huge new market, you need a powerful and effective Online presence or you risk being left behind in the dust of your competitors.

Small Businesses Are in Demand

With improved conferencing ability and cloud based sharing systems, as well as the rise in work-from-home capabilities, the need for in-office staff is steadily dropping, and this opens up the space for Small Businesses and freelancers to fill the place traditionally taken by these employees.

To take advantage of this trend though, you not only need to be Online, but you need to be engaging with updates in technology. This means being on top of developments in cloud based technology as well as conferencing and communication solutions.

As a Small Business this may sound a little daunting, but a lot of this technology has been designed with you in mind. Professional services can now be completed more and more via Online portals and applications, and this means big businesses are looking to outsource roles like accounting and administration to more affordable professionals. Identify the role your business can fill and ensure you’re making use of the platforms that will let you deliver your services directly to big business.

Keep an eye out for the tech updates in 2023, but also make sure your Online presence is bringing in these potential new clients, otherwise you’ll miss out on an increasing trend.

Freedoms of Being Your Own Boss

The demand for Small Businesses and freelance professionals is a big plus, but isn’t the dream for many Small Business Owners. Some, perhaps like yourself, have the desire to be your own boss. The majority of larger companies expect you to work on their terms, on their time, and to their standard.

But by running your own business, you can enjoy better work-life balance and unlock opportunities for yourself in new ways.

Online entrepreneurship can be a huge force in how people work and live. Having your Small Business Online means you can work from anywhere in the world! You aren’t reporting to anyone, and never have to ask permission to go on a holiday. You can explore new ideas, launch new products and discover new markets without limitations of a traditional employer.

The flexibility of running an Online business is a fantastic fit for many new (and experienced) entrepreneurs.

Getting a business up and running online now gives you the best chance to hit the ground running, attracting new Customers and making more revenue.

Whether it’s hiring a Website designer to build you a responsive Web design, looking into Social Media strategies, or taking advantage of the rise in Customers shopping Online, your business needs a strong Online presence in 2023. So if you really want your Small Business to take off, get Online as soon as you can.