6 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Copywriter

When it comes to writing content for your Small Business’s Website, it’s important not to fall into the trap of thinking it’s as simple as putting pen to paper…or fingers to keyboard!

Sure, anyone can type a few cobbled together sentences about their Business, but it takes a skilled professional to be able to craft content that’s interesting, informative and persuasive all at once. Great Copywriting is essential to any Business Website, as it positions you as an authority in your industry, increases your sense of reliability and helps capture the tone and character of your Business, which aids in your branding efforts.

Conversely, poor web writing that includes spelling mistakes, strange sentence structures and bland content can result in dire results. Not only does it serve to make your Business look scrappy and unprofessional, but it can also alienate and bore your audience, severely damaging your reputation.

So if you’re considering whether or not to invest in Professional Copywriting, keep reading! When you’re done there’ll be no doubt in your mind that it’s the best way to maximise your Online success.

Capture the Tone of your Business

1. Capture the Tone of your Business

Capturing the true voice and character of your Business it absolutely vital for your Website. It helps to build rapport with your visitors, strengthens your branding and increases your likability. And often it takes the skilled words of a professional writer to capture the essence of a Business consistently.

Sure, as the owner, you’ll know all about your Business. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to channel the desired voice of your Company into well-crafted, persuasive pros. A great Copywriter will interview you, allowing them to gain insight into what you do and how you want your Business to come across to your audience.

From there, they will create content that can fully capture the character and personality of your Business. Whether you work in the medical industry and want to appear welcoming but professional, or are a hip fashion designer who wants to sound young and witty, a pro will be able to craft content consistently within this voice across your entire Website.

Bad Grammar is Bad Image

2. Bad Grammar is Bad Image

As mentioned earlier, if your Website’s copy is riddles with bad grammar, spelling mistakes and other linguistic errors, you can immediately kiss some of your more discerning potential customers goodbye.

Mistakes make your Business look bad Online. It’s as simple as that. If someone lands on your Site and they’re greeted by strange punctuation and simple spelling mistakes, they’ll believe your Business to be unprofessional, lazy or unreliable. Correct grammar doesn’t just make your copy readable, it also makes your Business appear credible and trustworthy.

With competition for attention Online being so high, it’s vital that you maintain the very best advantage over your competitors, so having clean, perfectly correct content is a must. And this is where a professional Copywriter is your secret weapon. They’re well-trained to know that ‘i comes before e’, and can nail all the grammar and syntax on your Website, helping you to stand out from all the other Small Businesses Online.

They Take An Objective View of Your Business

3. They Take An Objective View of Your Business

As a Business Owner, you probably know your Business, employees and your industry back to front. And while this is great from a Small Business Owner perspective, sometimes it can hinder your ability to write objective about your Business.

For example, you could be particularly passionate about a particular product, because it took you months to design, produce and create. For this reason, you might focus too heavily on this product within your Website’s content, completely ignoring your more popular products which are really what drive your sales and appeal to your Site’s visitors.

On the other hand, a professional Copywriter will undertake rigorous industry and product research, and be able to provide you with copy that is completely objective, focusing exactly on what appeals most to your customers.

When writing yourself, you may also be tempted to use technical industry terminology or slang which can confuse or alienate your buyers. Instead, a professional writer can simplify more complicated concepts and use language that is more targeted towards your audience’s level of knowledge and understanding, thus paving the way for more sales and better customer relations.

You Can Focus on your Business

4. You Can Focus on your Business

Running a Small Business is hard work, and you’re likely juggling many tasks; employee pay rolls, budgets, customer orders and bookings, and that’s not to mention balancing all this with your family and social life! And this is where hiring a professional writer to take care of all your content nitty gritty pays off. It gives you more time to spend doing what you do best – working on your Business!

When the daily pressures and stress of the Small Business lifestyle build up, there’ll be little chance that you’ll have the time (or energy!) to sit down and dedicate a few good hours to writing 10 new product descriptions, crafting a blog post or two, and whipping up 5 new engaging Facebook posts. A professional writer, on the other hand, can do all of this for you, making sure that your marketing efforts and branding stay on track while you take care of your Business’s day-to-day.

Better Website SEO

5. Better Website SEO

As well as being able to write engaging, persuasive and interesting content, Copywriters are well trained in the art of SEO copywriting. Known as Search Engine Optimisation, this is content that contains strategically placed keywords, allowing your Website to be better noticed by Search Engines.

By using this technique, Copywriters are able to make your Site more appealing to Search Engines, such as Google, that will ‘crawl’ your Site in order to determine whether or not it will be a reliable source of information for the searcher. By having well-placed, professionally selected keywords that are relevant to your Business and industry, you’ll be in the best position to be ranked more highly in Search Engines than your competitors.

Generate More Sales

6. Generate More Sales

Yes, hiring a professional Copywriter will cost more than writing your Website and Marketing content yourself. But it’s an investment that will see you receiving more customers, leads and sales, making it a worthy investment.

A professional Copywriter is highly skilled at crafting content that is at once persuasive without being overly sales-y. Remember, people don’t like being sold to, and a professional writer won’t fall into the trap of being the ‘cheesy car salesman’, which is usually a complete turn off to customers.

Instead they will be able to gently influence your customers into purchasing from your Business, by addressing their pain points and then positioning your products or services as the ideal solution. This will not only see you receiving a greater number of sales, but will also building long-lasting and trusting relationships with your clients.


Hopefully by now you understand all the benefits of hiring a professional Copywriter to create compelling copy for your Website and Marketing Campaigns. While it is an invest, it’ll be one that sees you reaping the rewards long into the future!

And don’t believe that Copywriters need to cost the world either. Here at Sites n Stores, we offer a cost-effective Copywriting service, which sees our professional writers craft persuasive, engaging and SEO-optimised content for your Small Business. For more information, call us today on 1300 796 530 or visit www.sitesnstores.com.au