6 Tips For Creating Killer Facebook Ads For Your Small Business

If you’re currently running Facebook Ad Campaigns (and even if you’re not!), then you need to stop what you’re doing and keep reading this post. Right now!

If you are wasting money on Facebook Ads that aren’t going anywhere, you’re doing both you, and your Small Business, a BIG disservice. You may be targeting the wrong people, using flawed content or simply not converting clicks into leads. Either way, your half-baked Facebook Campaigns are falling short and taking you nowhere. But don’t fret, because we’re here to help!

Facebook Ads can be tricky. With constant updates and Social Media developments, there’s a lot to consider. Carousel or Product Set? Leads or Offer Claims? Views or Likes? Calculating what really works for Facebook Ads is, well, a little confusing. And as Small Business Owner, you don’t have the time to work out the kinks.

To truly maximise your Small Business Online, you need a Facebook Ads cheat sheet. And that’s where we come in. We’re here to help you develop a profitable Marketing Strategy for your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Check out these 6 hot tips that will help you create killer Facebook Ads for your Small Business.

Keep it Short

1. Keep It Short

When investing in a Facebook Ad, it’s sometimes hard to hold back. You might want to cram in as much content as possible to get your money’s worth and tell all your viewers about your amazing Small Business!

While this is tempting, unfortunately it’s not going to get you the highest number of leads. Instead, you need to keep your Ad copy short, to the point and relevant to your audience, as this is how you’ll best appeal to your potential customers.

When writing your Ad, don’t just think about ‘selling’ your product or service. Instead, consider how your product actually helps the customer. As yourself what problems your product solves? What will your customers gain from it? By touching on the answers to these questions within your Ad, you’ll be positioning your Business as the perfect solution for the reader. This kind of strong, clear and concise content will help target the right people and encourage far more leads on your Ads.

Match Your Content

2. Match Your Content

Salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips; some things just go together. And some things just don’t… toothpaste and orange juice, we’re looking at you.

In the same way, customers don’t respond well to clashing content. If your written content doesn’t align with your visual content, customers are unlikely to click on your Ad. This is a big missed opportunity. It means that your investment will be wasted and you’ll be forced back to the drawing board.

Make sure your Facebook Ad makes sense, is cohesive and is consistent with your Business and branding. This will give you a strong foundation for a truly killer Ad!

Test Everything

3. Test Everything

As much as we’d like to, it’s always hard to get it right the first time. Sometimes the Ads that you think will be super successful simply fall short. This is why testing is an essential part of running successful Facebook Ads.

Run a few different Ads with varying written content, designs and at different times, and see what works best. Assess the results and you’ll have a better understanding of what best appeals to your target audience.

By initially testing, you’ll be better informed later as to the most effective Ads for you Campaign, and feel safe knowing your Ads are a great investment.

Go Beyond Common Demographics

4. Go Beyond Common Demographics

You might not want to limit your Ad reach by excluding certain audiences, but in fact, being more specific about your target audience could be the best thing you do for your Facebook Campaign.

You’re probably thinking: ‘but what if narrowing my audience restricts my potential leads?’

Well, think of it like this. With any kind of product or service, there are specific types of audiences that are most likely to buy from your Small Business. For example, if you sell women’s formal shoes in Toorak, then you’re not likely to be selling many of those to a 55-year-old man… so why advertise to one? Instead, focus your Ads on the people who matter. That is, the people who actually are likely to buy from you: namely women between the ages of 20 and 50 who live in the Eastern suburbs.

Base your audience on location, age, gender, interests and even behaviours. Trust us, you’d rather be a big fish in a small pond, then a little fish in the ocean.

Write Different Ads for Different People

5. Write Different Ads For Different People

Another point to add when narrowing your audience; you don’t need to stop at one Ad Campaign, or one target audience. You’ll most likely have a variety of specific audiences, which means you should target different Ads at different groups of people.

Many potential customers will be interested in some parts of your Business, but not others. For example, if you’re a clothing retailer that sells both men and women’s clothing, you should create two separate Ads to cover these two demographics.

And that’s the beauty of Facebook Advertising. Unlike the Billboard Advertising of old that shouts one single offer, you’re able to build multiple Campaigns that target each of your prospects individually.

Nail your Call-to-Action

6. Nail Your Call-To-Action

What are your goals for your Facebook Ad? Do you want customers to sign up to a newsletter, buy tickets to an event or simply like your page? Whatever your goals are for your Facebook Ads, you need to make the Call-to-Action (CTA) clear to your readers.

Don’t deter your customers by making them confused or by making them jump through too many hoops just to take you up on an offer. They just won’t. Instead, make the CTA completely obvious on your Ad; ‘Sign Up Here’, ‘Join Today!’ or ‘Shop Now’, are all examples of beautifully simple, obvious and effective CTAs that will help you nail the sale!


Facebook Ads have huge potential for your Small Business Success. Last year, 3 million Businesses used Facebook for Advertising, and since then that number has grown exponentially.

But if you are going to utilise this fantastic Digital Marketing Tool, you need to be aware of these handy pointers that will ensure that you make the most of your Campaign. Don’t, and you’ll simply be wasting money

So, if your Facebook Ads aren’t giving you your desires results, it’s time to take a step back and reassess. There’s no single key to success with Facebook Advertising, and it’s a process that requires continual tweaking and analysis. But with a few of our handy hints, you’ll be able to consistently scale the success of your Facebook Ads.

If you’re interested in Facebook Advertising, hit us up. We love helping Small Business. It’s what we do. And with Facebook Ads, your Small Business has the potential to significantly gain more customers, more leads and more sales. Give us a call today and we’ll give you the advice and a range of cool Marketing Tools to grow your Small Business through Facebook Ads.