Steps For Launching a Product Online

It’s the big day! You’ve worked tirelessly for months, even years, to design, build and create your new product. Sweat, tears and money have gone into this project. But if you’re not spreading the word, will anyone hear about it? Will anyone buy it?

You’ve put a vast amount of care into the creation of your product, and it’s essential that you take the same amount of care and effort into promoting it. From research to planning your campaigns, we’ve listed the steps to take when you’re ready to flaunt your prized product.

Know Your Audience

We hate to tell you, but sometimes you may need a reminder that your product isn’t for you. Always remember, your product has been created for your valued Customer. Consider the research you’ve put into the modelling of your product, that same amount of thought into your desired Customers is integral to making conversions.

A fantastic way to gain insight without spending months or more bogged down in research is to talk to a number of your current Customers. Just ask for a small amount of their time, asking a few questions surrounding their needs and desires in relation to your products. What are their pain points? What drives them to purchase certain products? Using these answers you’ll be able to create a Client Avatar with details on how to specifically sell and communicate to them during your launch.

Plan Your Strategy

Plan Your Strategy

Going into the launch of a new product blind is a dangerous game. Coming up with a clear and precise strategy for your launch is the way to go.

Your first action should be to write a positioning statement for your product. You’ll need one that answers questions such as who is the product for? What does the product do? What makes it different from other products out there? You can go deeper into these questions as well, writing another positioning statement relating to your audience.

This extends to your goals. Make sure you’re setting specific goals for the launch, and don’t forget to look back and analyse afterwards. These goals will assist you the next time a launch comes around, as you can compare and go into your next project armed with knowledge.

With launches Online, your product needs to do more than just exist. It needs to tell a story. How is it going to make your Customer’s life easier? Why should they buy your product? Use storytelling to evoke the need for your product from your audience, make them want it.

Tell these stories through Email and Social Media campaigns. It will increase your brand awareness and you’ll be able to use paid advertising on certain platforms to target your specific audience.

Highlight Positive Customer Feedback

When a new product hits the market, it can be difficult for a consumer to know whether they can trust the brand or the product itself.

Use testimonials, reviews and comments from Customers to prove to your audience your brand’s authority and gain their trust. Consumers are more likely to trust a peer rather than an advertisement.

You can even employ the assistance of influencers to spread the word of your new product.

Launching a new product is a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. Follow the steps above to give you your best chance at success, and set you up for many more product launches in the future.