4 Things You Never Knew About Google Shopping

If you’re a Small Business Owner with an Ecommerce store, then Google Shopping should already be on your radar. You’re probably already using Google AdWords to market your Business (We hope you are!). But you should also really be looking at promoting your products through Google Shopping.

Using eye-catching, images based ads will not only showcase the best version of your products but will give your entire Ecommerce store a stronger Online presence. Maybe you’ve thought about Google Shopping before or maybe you’re on the fence.

It’s not all that easy to make a decisions based on Digital Marketing investments for your Small Business. But to convince you to take the leap, here’s some fun and insightful facts that you maybe not know about Google Shopping. After this, we’re sure you’ll be ready to jump on board.

1. Google Shopping Ads Dont Use Keywords

1. Google Shopping Ads Dont Use Keywords

They don’t? Bit of a surprise really if you’re used to a traditional Google AdWords campaign. But Google Shopping works slightly different. Unlike Search campaigns that focus on Ad Groups and Keywords, Google Shopping focuses on Product Title and Description. Essentially this means that each product is its own Keyword.

Google Shopping won’t require to you select Keyword after Keyword for every single product you promote. That would be a nightmare. How your Ads display will depending on simple product information and how relatable it is to a specific customers search.

Without getting too technical, Google Shopping Ads are displayed according to the information you input into your feed. The feed might be something that has scared you in the past, but trust us. Master the feed and your Google Shopping will run like clockwork.

2. Google Shopping Ads account for over 80% of clicks for Online retail stores

2. Google Shopping Ads account for over 80% of clicks for Online retail stores

If you’re a retail store, customers are most likely to engage with image based Google Shopping Ads. This isn’t to say throw away your Google AdWords investment. You still need to touch a range of customers across multiple avenues.

But customers looking for products are more likely to click on image based ads. This could be due to a number of reasons. Customers might want to physically view the product before scrolling through your Website, or they like to compare a range of retailers on the one platform.

Either way, marketing your Ecommerce store products across Google Shopping Ads in a must for your Small Business.

3. Google Shopping has Automated Uploads

3. Google Shopping has Automated Uploads

So, you update your stock and the prices of your products regularly. No worries! With Google Shopping, you don’t have to go into each individual product listing just to change a few details.

With Automatic Uploads of your Data Feed, all information that goes into your Website, will transfer over to your Google Shopping Ads. You can set up regular updates, or manually select to update.

Either way, your Data Feed and Ads can be adjusted simply by integrating Automatic Uploads through your Website.

4. Drive Traffic Directly to Checkout

4. Drive Traffic Directly to Checkout

Maybe your Website isn’t all that flash. It’s sometimes hard as a Small Business Owner to invest in regular Website updates. But with Google Shopping, you can direct customers from your ads, directly to the products page.

This means no fluffing about with Home and About Us pages and no scrolling through unpleasant products pages. Your Google Shopping Ads can take customers right to the specific advertised product page, which means they are only one step away from making a purchase.

Remember, this is someone who already viewed your Google Shopping Ads, already looked through the Product Listing and description, and clicked on the Ad to arrive at your page. By cutting out all the middle steps, you can avoid customers turning away from an outdated website and encourage your customers to checkout that much faster.

Now, this isn’t everything. Google Shopping has numerous insightful facts and benefits for Ecommerce Small Businesses that you’ve probably never heard of. From the ease of operating the Google Shopping Merchant centre, through to the additional features of Display Marketing. We’re simply just scraping the barrel here with things you never knew about Google Shopping.

But if you are even a little bit curious and are interested in seeing how Google Shopping can significantly boost your Ecommerce sales, then give us a call. Let us help you take the next step with your Digital Marketing journey.

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