How PPC Can Increase Your Sales for Less Than a Cup of Coffee

So, you’re unsure if you’re Small Business can afford a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign? Are you worried about the investment and whether you can spare the funds? Well, we want you to think about how much your morning cup of coffee cost - not really a huge strain on the budget was it? Well for as little as you paid for that latte, you can completely transform your online presence and ultimately boost your revenue. In fact, PPC is such an effective Digital Marketing tool, that your Business can’t really afford not to invest in.

When it comes to Digital Marketing, you don’t really want to be throwing money at costly advertising, especially if you’re on a small budget. But with Pay Per Click (PPC), you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to get attention. You could invest as little as a few cents into each click – but generate $100 in sales through that one visit. That’s a sizeable profit and a great return on your investment.

But just how do you do you establish an effective PPC Campaign that won’t cost the earth? Well keep reading, because we’re going to teach you the step-by-step to guide on how you can use PPC to boost your sales on a tight budget.

But, Before We Begin

But, Before We Begin

let’s just quickly revisit what a PPC ad is. You know when you search for something on Google; type in a few Keywords and hit search? There’s a few top results which can typically be found in a little green ‘ad’ box. Well that’s a PPC ad. That means that these Websites belong to Business Owners that pay Google or other compatible search engines to advertise in their top result.

Essentially, what these Business Owners are paying for is the clicks through to their Website from the Search Engine results, instead of gaining traffic organically, which can be a relatively slow process. This is one of the many advantages of PPC. It helps drive traffic to your site almost instantly, which is why we’re seeing this powerful Digital Marketing tool fast becoming such a popular strategy among Small Businesses. With specified targeting tools, PPC ads also help you get noticed by your target market, leading those people to your Website and increase your selling power.

Step One_ Research

Step One: Research

There’s no point paying PPC if you don’t know who you’re trying to target. Do you know your potential customers? If not, get to know them, how they search the web and what their buying habits are. Try to understand what they want, desire and need from a product or service. You should take into account their age, location and demographic.

Start off with a small budget for your campaigns using the data from your research. There’s absolutely no point blowing the budget by putting all your eggs in the one basket with little to show for it in the end. Start off small; learn from the results and base your future ad campaigns off the data. This will help ensure your future return on investment is high.

Step Two_ Quality over Quantity

Step Two: Quality over Quantity

A big part of PPC is getting the right kind of visitors on your site. It doesn’t really benefit you if you’re paying for 100 people to visit your site, but only have one person purchasing your product or service. Avoid the casually curious customer and display your ad in front of those who are most likely to click through and make an actual purchase.

Keyword research is a big part of a successful PPC Campaign which is why Google Keyword planner is a hugely helpful online tool. This tool can help you judge the value of a Keyword and determine which words are most effective with a genuinely interested customer. Gaining those quality customers is such an important step in your Businesses future success.

Step Three_ Focus on the Right Network û One Network

Step Three: Focus on the Right Network – One Network

Your PPC ads can appear in one of two places: The Search Network or the Display Network. The Search Network refers to Search Engine results via Google, Yahoo or Bing, while the Display Network refers to other platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. If you’re trying to get across all networks, you’ll spread yourself too thin and eat into your budget too much. Focusing on the one avenue helps you make the biggest impact with a small investment. This will enable you to stick to your budget, as well as helping you track your data for future ad Campaigns. Start with the Search Network, as 90% of people start looking through Google for services and products.

If you’re a Small Business looking at different Digital Marketing avenues, you’re going to be searching for one that offers decent return with little investment. Focus on a sustainable Digital Marketing Strategy like PPC that you’re able to monitor and amend as your Business grows. In the long run, this type of strategy could give you the financial reward you’re after and it’s not going to break the bank in the process. By following a few simple steps, it’s so easy to market your Small Business online whilst keeping within your budget.

If you’re still feeling unfamiliar with the PPC process, let us help you. At Sites n Stores, we have PPC experts who can help craft the perfect Campaign for your Business’s needs and goals. Give us a call today and see how we can help you!