4 Ways Automated Email Can Increase Your Small Business’s Sales

You might think that Email Marketing is done and dusted. Yes, there are new and exciting ways to market to your audience; PPC, SEO and Social Media. But don’t be so quick to rule out Email as the highly effective Digital Marketing Tool that it is. Did you know that 3.9 billion people access their emails daily? These statistics prove that Email is still very much a significant part of our everyday lives. It’s direct, simple and really flexible. And a Small Business Owner, you’d be crazy not to market your content through such an accessible, cheap and popular system.

It gets better too. With new Automated Emailing technology, you can make sure the right customers see the right content, at just the right time. This isn't your average Business owner to Customer Email. These are strategic Marketing Emails, often created as part of a larger Campaign, that are timed and triggered for maximum conversion.

Automated Emails have the ability to segment customers through behaviours and really target them when they’re likely to make a purchase. This type of Marketing Campaign is just about the best way to connect with your audience and of course, boost your Online sales.

You may not quite believe that a technology as simple as Email can be so effective, but trust us, read below and you’ll soon discover how Automated Emails can completely transform the success of your Small Business.

It Saves You Time

1. It Saves You Time

One of the major benefits of Automated Email Marketing is the amount of time you’ll save. Connecting with your customers can take a lot of time, and that’s simply something Small Business Owners don’t have a lot of.

While many will claim they don’t have the time to implement effective Digital Marketing Strategies, Automated Email Marketing isn’t one of them. Rather than crafting content for specific groups within your target market, Automated Email Marketing allows you to market to customer groups with just a touch of a button. Simply set up your Campaigns, then sit back, relax and spend your time turning those leads into sales.

It Keeps You Organised

2. It Keeps You Organised

Automated Emails are not only the ultimate time saver, but they’ll make even the most disorderly person an organised professional. You can plan days, weeks and even months in advance. You won’t have to stay up till midnight just to target your overseas customers, and if you’ve got certain events you want to target, you can plan these well in advance.

Automated Email Marketing means that you can strategically plan your entire year of Marketing: you can best plan for quiet periods by sending Emails offering deals and incentives, or include cross-sells during busier periods to really maximise your sales potential.

Whatever you do, Automated Emails can really assist you in establishing a proper Marketing Strategy and helps plan the right time to best target your customers. This means you can generate leads and sales from an organised schedule of Emails, all while you’re off being a busy Small Business Owner.

You Can Make It Personal

3. You Can Make It Personal

Generating an Online Sale is harder to accomplish than through a face-to-face interaction. Physically being present with a customer allows you to really connect with them, communicate effectively and win them over. But with Automated Emails, you can gain back a lot of this personalisation.

You might have sent bulk Emails to your customers in the past, however this allows for little to no personalisation: you might have to start off the Email with a vague introduction, or else be forced to generalise throughout the entire Email. By doing this, you’re making it obvious that you’ve sent the same Email to multiple customers, which can simply turn people off. No one wants to be a number.

With Automated Email Marketing, you can add those extra human details to make the contact a little more personal: “Hi Julia, we missed you!”, “Uh oh Meg, we noticed you left some items in your cart”, “Thanks for being a loyal customer Alanna, here’s a 20% discount code”. They may seem like such small things, but by adding this human touch, you’ll really help build a relationship with your customers. Remember, clients are more likely to purchase of a Small Business they trust, can relate to and that makes them feel special.

You Can Track Behaviours

4. You Can Track Behaviours

Sometimes people just don’t engage. They might remain on your Email list, but they are unresponsive for months, even years! Others might interact with your Site, add a few things to the cart but disappear never to be seen again. If you’re not using Automated Email Marketing, how do you track these activities and how do you expect to retarget them?

It’s near impossible to monitor or convert these types of customers through standard Email Marketing. You may send them out a bulk Email every once in a while, but if they haven’t engaged with your Business for an extended period of time, this strategy is likely to flop. And, even worse, these Email could simply serve to annoy or frustrate them, to the point where they unsubscribe.

Automated Email Marketing gives you the chance to create specific Campaigns built around certain customer behaviour. For example, if a Site visitor adds a product to their cart and then abandons it without purchasing, you can follow up with a series of Emails designed to re-engage them in the sale. This might include 2 or 3 reminder Emails about the products they have sitting in their cart, followed by an Email offering them a discount if they follow through with the sale. Whatever it may be, Automated Emails can be incredibly effective when it comes to converting customers who would unlikely be persuaded to buy with a standard bulk Email.


Email has really evolved from where it first started; new software, new technologies and a new approach to Marketing.
It’s really become an essential part of every good Marketing Strategy. If you’ve been underestimating the impact that Email has on customers, and the Success it could bring your Small Business, it’s time to rethink your position.

By implementing an Automated Email Campaign for your Small Business, your maximising the communication between you and your customers, targeting them based on their behaviours and are able to create personal, strategic Email Campaigns that generate leads and secures sales.