5 Benefits of Advertising Your Small Business on Instagram

Aside from ranking as the most popular Social Media Platform next to Facebook, Instagram is more than just a user-friendly photo and video sharing application. With the rise of selfies and easy to use editing tools, people have been engaging more through photos, which is what has transformed Instagram into a particularly valuable and attractive advertising platform for anyone wanting to promote their Business to the masses.

You may already have an Instagram account established for your Small Business, but chances are, if you’re not using the Advertising feature, you’re seriously limiting your Small Business’s potential. While organic Instagram is great, Instagram Ads allow you to reach a much larger audience, significantly increase your brand awareness and target your products to people who are much, much more likely to buy from you.

So, if you’re yet to jump onto the Instagram Advertising bandwagon, keep reading, because we’re going to tell you 5 of the major benefits of Instagram Advertising and how it can help boost your Business’s success!

The Pioneering Stage

1. The Pioneering Stage

Given that Instagram Advertising only went global at the end of 2015, it’s still a relatively new kid on the Digital Marketing block. This also means that the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is still lower due to less competition, giving you the chance to really make the most of this advertising platform and get your money’s worth!

This makes it the opportune time for Small Businesses wanting to try their hand at Instagram Advertising to dive straight in while “the iron’s still hot”, as the saying goes. If budget is what’s stopping you from investing in this highly effective strategy, then you’ll be pleased to know that minimum daily budgets for Instagram Ads are still very low, so it won’t cost you a lot to try it out.

But take head. As more and more advertisers join, sooner and later, prices will increase as competition grows even more fierce. So act quickly to maximise your investment.

Gain Trust and Show Personality

2. Gain Trust and Show Personality

Rather than being purely focused on “selling”, Instagram is a Social Media platform that lets you connect with your audience and engage with them in a way that builds rapport and trust. This is even true of its advertising feature, despite your end goal likely being to convert your audience.

While it might seem counterintuitive, sometimes not choosing to go down the “hard-sell” route is a more effective Marketing Strategy. And this is where Instagram Ads really shine, as they can help build strong relationships that will likely lead to more sales. Instagram lets you make quick updates and gives you the opportunity to show the true face of your Business. With just a snap of a photo, a filter and a great caption and hashtags, you can update your followers with what’s going on with your Business. In this way, they will feel more connected to your brand, which in turn, will build more trust.

Most of all, Instagram allows your followers to have direct conversations with you, leave comments on your photos and tag you in their photos, all of which help to humanize your brand and make you reachable whenever they need you.

Promotion by your Consumers

3. Promotion by your Consumers

Imagine posting such an enticing advertisement about your product, and the next thing you know, people are talking about your Business! This is most likely to happen when using Instagram Ads, because there’s the likelihood that people will repost and share your advertorial content with their own followers and friends.

In this way, you’ll be getting even more bang for your Instagram Advertising buck, as you won’t be paying for this extra attention on the platform – other people are doing the work for you! And of course, the more that people share and repost your content, the more users you’ll engage and the more your brand awareness will increase. In time, all of this will help to drive more sales for your Small Business.

You Can Engage Your Audience

4. You Can Engage Your Audience

It’s proven that the Instagram audience is more active than users on other Social Media Platforms. In fact, keen Instagram users are 10 times more active than those found on Facebook and Twitter. So if you’re looking to engage people with your Business’s Ads, this is the place to do it!

And why all the activity? Well, Instagram is a mobile-friendly app where content is easily viewed by the audience. With just a quick scroll, they are able to understand your message - that is if you convey it properly through your photos and videos.

Also, with Instagram’s built-in feature to automatically share content to your other Social Media accounts, you’re going to reach users on other platforms, giving you a larger reach and greater audience engagement. This will also likely entice your followers on your other accounts to follow you on Instagram, giving you even more of an opportunity to Market your products to them.

Generate More Sales

5. Generate More Sales

As a Small Business Owners, making money from a sustainable Business is probably pretty high on your list of priorities, and using Instagram Advertising is one way in which you can dramatically increase your sales. That’s right, it’s not just about pretty pictures and double taps, this platform packs a punch in the sales department!

When using Instagram Ads, you have the chance to include Call-to-Action buttons, or CTAs, on your Ad. You’ll notice these as the little links down the bottom of an Ad that ask you to “Sign Up Now” or “Join Today!”, which are great ways of promoting your products without appearing too “pushy”.

Instagram audience aren’t a fan of hard-selling so make sure you do it right. As long as you keep your Ad content creative and interesting enough to entice your audience, there’s no doubt that your hard efforts will pay off.

Instagram is a fantastic Advertising platform to use for your Small Business. It’s simplicity, ability to generate sales, increase brand awareness and drive sales makes it a great choice for anyone wanting to test the waters of Digital Marketing. By providing original, creative content and connecting with your audience through meaningful posts and interactions, you’ll forge close connections that will stand the test of time.