The Best Social Media Audit Strategy

Social Media is a difficult beast. It’s constantly changing and will always be moving around, and you have to shift with it, otherwise you risk falling behind the trends and may hinder yourself and stop completing your own business goals!

To stay on track and keep up with the Social Media train, you need to be aware of what you’re posting, and ensure you know what you’re doing when it comes to your Social Media content. This means referring back to your past by conducting a Social Media audit.

It’s going to help you gain a clear understanding of what your brand should be posting and how to connect to your Customers via Social Media.

Read on to find out how you can conduct a Social Media audit that will help with your overall strategy and get your content in order so you can reach your target audience!

Gen Alpha Explained

Revisit Core Objectives

Time for a blast from the past. The first step is to go back and refine/reiterate the goals you had for your Social Media posting and strategy.

Was it about driving traffic to your Website? Or maybe you wanted to make sales? Were you trying to connect with your Customers to achieve a higher brand trust?

Whatever your strategy was, check if it’s still the same as today. You may find that you’ll need to change it up depending on what your business currently needs.

Also check if your previous posts were working for your strategy at the time. If not, how can they be altered? What can you do differently? Notice which posts were doing well in terms of engagement and see if it will translate with your current Social Media strategy.

Don’t be afraid to look at your competitors too! See how they’re faring and what is (and isn’t) working for them.

This step should give you enough of an idea to understand your clear goal objectives and allow you to align your strategy with your brand identity.

Get to Know Your Audience

Get to Know Your Audience

It’s time to focus on your Customers! How well do you know them? If you hesitated while answering that, then we may have a problem. 

You have to begin to really listen to your Customers. To be able to create posts that will appeal to them, you need to truly know them. It can also help you understand what your Customers think about your brand, and give you an indication on how you can improve that.

You’re looking out for a lot of different information, but especially be on the lookout for the below:

  • Their pain points
  • Which Social Media platforms they use
  • How they interact with your brand  
  • How they feel about your brand 

By analysing previous Social Media posts you’ve made during your audit, you can determine which platforms you should be targeting and doubling down on, all while seeing which kind of posts really resonate with your target audience.

Set Key Goals

Set Key Goals

So now that you’ve revisited your Social Media goals and really delved deep into what your audience wants, it’s time to set your key goals for your Social Media strategy

You should now have enough information to know which direction to take your Social Media strategy in (if you don’t go back to step 1 and 2 and dig deeper!) so use these insights to set your KPIs for any campaign or strategy.   

Use Key Performance Indicators to set targets for your Social Media campaigns, this will help any Social Media audits you do in the future. It will also allow you to further understand if your strategies are working if you’re hitting your KPIs.

Now that you know how to conduct a successful Social Media audit, get to it! It’s going to help you in the long run with understanding your audience, tailoring your posts and hitting your campaign targets.