Paid Ads and Boosted Posts: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Use?

Ah, Social Media. Everyone’s favourite Digital Marketing method. What’s that? It’s definitely not your favourite? Oh, OK. Yes, we can understand that it is a little difficult to discern sometimes, especially with the amount of options to advertise and publish your posts. Facebook can be an overwhelming exercise in how to overcome algorithms and deciding whether to boost your posts or give paid advertising a try.

To boost or invest in paid ads? That is the question. The answer? You will find it below as you read on. We go into exactly what each is and explain why you should be using it.

Boosted Posts

Boosted Posts

First up is boosting posts. It’s rather simple, a boosted post is one you make on your Facebook page but you’ve paid a fee of your choice to make it visible to a specific audience.

You’ll be able to pick a targeted audience, decide upon a budget to invest in and choose the length that your boosted campaign will run for.

Boosted posts allow you to reach a wider audience, and are an easier and more affordable option.

The downside of these kinds of posts is that they will still show up as ‘ads’ to your audience, so they’ll know that they aren’t organic posts and they’re specifically being targeted and marketed to. The options for customising the audience you’re targeting is also limited.

These boosted delights may be the perfect choice for you if you’re keen to grow your following, create a larger brand awareness with a different audience, improve visibility on those posts that you’re proud of, and can lead to more traffic to your Website.

An example of when it might be the right time to boost is if you have an extremely popular post on your Facebook. If it’s been liked by many people, received a lot of comments and reception, that could be an opportunity to boost and share it to another audience. It’s more of a chance to introduce your business rather than converting instantly.

If your focus is on conversions, it’s time to take a look at paid ads.

Paid Ads

Paid Ads

For paid Facebook ads, you’ll be dealing with a little program called Ads Manager. It gives you the ability to choose where your ad will be featured, including on Instagram.

There’s also a variety of ways you’ll be able to show off your ads, including carousel posts, where you can be a little bit more inventive with your ads and spruce them up. Even your goals can be pinpointed when crafting your paid ads. Lead generation and traffic are just a couple of the options to decide on. And, of course, your ability to customise your audience is broader than boosted posts with special tools available for your use.

On the flip side, if you haven’t done your homework, paid ads may be a bit too complex for you to handle. Ensure you’ve done your research before jumping in headfirst. They also require a little bit more on the price side compared to boosted posts.

If you’re after those sweet, sweet conversions, Facebook Ads may be for you. It gives you the ability to push more action from your audience, driving more traffic to your Site all while generating leads.

Both boosted posts and paid ads on Facebook give you a wide array of possibilities and control in who you’re advertising to and the overarching goal of your posts. Choose which works best for you, and attract the Customers that you’re craving!