What Makes Instagram Advertising A Small Business Dream

These days, the majority of our Social Media interactions are infused with visuals, whether that be a pic you’ve posted showing off a delicious meal you ordered, or a video of the most adorable puppy you came across at the park.

The impact of these visual posts is most apparent on Instagram, a platform that exists solely to share them. With 700 million plus users, it’s no wonder businesses are making the most of advertising to the Instagram masses.

Compared to other Social Media platforms, Instagram possesses the highest engagement rate out of the lot of ‘em! And this extends into a branded sphere, with users 58 times more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram than on Facebook, and 120 times more likely to engage on Instagram than on Twitter.

If you’re after a platform that will involve enhanced engagement through visual means, Instagram is going to be a treasure trove of brand building and cultivating Customer relationships. Read on to find out how advertising on Instagram could be your Social Media platform marketing of choice.

Build Your Brand Following

Build Your Brand Following

Did those engagement stats raise your eyebrows? That’s not surprising, they’re a huge departure from the norm and the thing that sets Instagram advertising apart from other Social Media platforms.

The engagement factor of any advertising campaign or post is crucial, it allows your brand to convert leads into sales as well as creating brand-follower relationships. Connecting with your audience through a highly visual outlet means you can get creative, and document posts and content that make the audience happy. After all, that’s why the majority of people use Instagram. We chronicle the best moments in our lives there for everyone to see.

If you’re catering to the Instagram community, use visual elements to build brand trust and keep your audience happy. 80% of all Instagram accounts follow at least one business, and if that business is yours, then you’ve successfully drawn them into your brand.

Create Ads Effortlessly

Create Ads Effortlessly

There are a range of advertising methods to choose from on Instagram, and they’re all easy peasy to use!

If you already advertise on Facebook with Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram Ads is integrated through this, so you already know how it works. You’ll be able to see how the ad placements of the Feed, Stories and Explore tabs can work for your business via Instagram.

The options for the types of Instagram ads are endless; photo ads, sponsored ads, story ads, video ads, carousel ads, the list goes on. Your aim is to create the right type of advertising that will fit your audience’s needs.

The Power to Target and Retarget Your Audience

The Power to Target and Retarget Your Audience

Instagram is even helpful enough to grant you some handy information generated by your advertising efforts. Stats such as Customer location, demographics, their interests, behaviours, and even details on a similar audience you’ll be able to target.

The measuring of reach, awareness and recall that is available on Instagram is incredible. Rather than just analysing likes and comments, it gives you in-depth insights into your audience, so you can target and retarget appropriately.


Now that you’ve got the lowdown, how will you use these tips to enhance your Instagram experience? Instagram is a tool that businesses should be using appropriately to bring in those engaged Customers.