The Best Bits of Twitter Ads

How’s your business Twitter game? As one of the top platforms to keep up with trends and conversations, it’s a handy way to gain more insight into your Customers when it comes to advertising. With it being the less commonly used Social Media advertising platform, you may not have had the chance to fully consider its advantages, as well as the components that work to your budget and brand desires.

The Twitter advertising tool, aptly named Twitter Ads, offers unique targeting features, and is a bit of a black horse in the Social Media Marketing sphere. But we do believe it’s a horse that should be bet on! Here are some reasons on why backing that horse could be a huge benefit to your business. Yeehaw!

Pay for Performance

Pay for Performance

One positive aspect to Twitter Ads is that you only make a payment when you actually achieve your Marketing objective. Your goal could be Site conversions or Twitter engagement, but you only pay when people have taken that action, which means any organic traffic is completely free. We really do drool over the word “free”!

The same goes for Twitter Ads followers campaigns. You’ll only be reaching into your wallet once those followers have been obtained.

The CPC (cost per click) side of Twitter Ads is an auction-based, reasonably priced option, it’s all about what advertisers are willing to pay. You’ll find your affordable Twitter advertising dreams more likely to become reality the less competition you’re facing.

Targeting Power

Targeting Power

Twitter Ads holds an immense amount of targeting power for you to work with when creating your advertising campaigns and Tweets.

You’re able to target people on Twitter who use specific words or hashtags in their Tweets, and even target the people who have simply interacted with those words in the past seven days. That means the people you’re promoting Tweets to are the audience who have already been engaged with that word, term or hashtag, so they’re already going to be interested!

The same goes for those specific Tweets that you’ve promoted. You can target the people who saw and engaged with it, giving you the power to reach an audience who are already invested in your conversations/business.

There are even extra tools you can download and use for targeting Twitter users who follow specific accounts. This is a game changer and is going to give you a tailored audience.

Do you feel the Twitter black horse is winning the race yet? We’re coming to the home stretch!

Follow the Trends

Follow the Trends

If you’re advertising on Twitter, and doing so successfully, then you’re most likely going to be keeping up with trends and identifying what’s hot and what’s not! That is going to be a big advantage in not only the Twitter world, but for your advertising across all platforms.

Recognising these trends gives you the ability to adapt accordingly to what is “in” right now. You’ll even be able to pay close attention to the trends that are negatively affecting brands and audience connection, making sure you can stay well clear of anything that could pose a threat to your brand.

While Twitter may not be the most powerful tool in the world of Social Media Marketing, if you’re using it effectively and it’s also paired with other advertising platforms, it can be your black horse turned racehorse!