3 Tips for Nailing Your Site Homepage

You might be pondering the importance of a Homepage in this current day and age. With so many ways for Customers to navigate the online world by Digital Marketing methods and Website Optimisation, they’re often immediately accessing a Landing Page or specific page, bypassing the good ol’ Homepage.

But we’d argue that the Homepage is still as relevant as ever. It is the setup and introduction of your business, and can make or break whether a Customer is going to continue to peruse your Site or move on to a competitor.

In this Blog, we’re going to give you tips to style and craft the perfect Homepage that will leave your Customers content and ready to buy.

Create Design and Copy That Sings

Create Design and Copy That Sings

Let’s be honest with ourselves, your Customers are going to be fairly superficial at first when it comes to giving your Homepage a once-over. Customers who’ve not yet been convinced are flighty creatures, so great site design is important. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it also enables easier navigation.

Colour palettes, shapes, and sizes are all things to consider when working out how to boost the effectiveness of the design for your Homepage. It has to work with your business identity and appeal to your audience as well.

But once your Homepage is glowing with perfectly crafted design choices and colours that pop, you’re really going to have to focus on the copy. It’s all well and good to look like a celebrity, but what happens when you need to speak in front of the camera? The audience is drawn to your looks at first, but they aren’t going to spend much time on your Site if the Homepage isn’t communicating properly

You need to clarify and effectively sum up the product or service that you’re selling, and that requires the power of words! You want to highlight to your Customers the benefit of what you’re promoting.

Give Your Audience What They Want

Give Your Audience What They Want

Your audience is on your Homepage for a reason. More likely than not, they haven’t just stumbled across your Site, they’re there as potential Customers. The most important aspect of your Homepage is that it successfully converts them into a purchaser

Trying to appeal to a wide ranging audience is not going to cut it. It’s much too difficult to sell to everyone, you need to focus on your ideal Customer. Creating your ideal Customer avatar is a great way to identify who you should be aiming to attract when creating any design or copy for your Homepage, or your Site in general.

Does it Pass the 7-Second Test?

Does it Pass the 7-Second Test?

Studies have shown that users stay on your Site forless than 15 seconds. It’s a mortifying statistic, but it does give you a way to actually test your Homepage

Grab someone who is unfamiliar with your business and brand (not your pet), and get them to look over your Homepage for 7 seconds. After those 7 seconds they should learn these 3 aspects of your Homepage:

  • What your product or service is and what problem it solves
  • Why they should care about it 
  • What they should do next 


With consumers spending limited time on websites, you’re going to need to not only grab their attention but accurately communicate what your brand is all about.

Your Homepage is an asset to your Site and business! Don’t underestimate its power in building your growth and representing your brand.