How to Strengthen the Customer Journey for Your Ecommerce Business

As you will already know, there are a wealth of other businesses out there extremely similar to your own, those pesky competitors. As the Ecommerce world continues to grow, so do your competitors, and it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

If you want your business to be the go-to in your industry, you’ll need to be well-versed in the journey your Customer goes on to successfully make them a conversion. This will be focused on why they make certain decisions before purchasing your product/service and looking at what encourages them to take action and react.

With a firm grasp on your Customer journey, your brand can take steps to better your understanding of your Customers and highlight the areas where improvements can be made, and the areas that align with your Customers.

Read on to find out how to gain a clearer understanding of your Customer journey, and how to strengthen it.


Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

Your Customers are where the journey begins and ends. If you don’t have an understanding of who they are, what their motivations are, and how they fit within your conversion paths (more on that later), then you’re missing out on sales.

That is every Small Business Owner’s nightmare! So what’s the answer? Learn about your audience! Go back to the drawing board and create your ideal Client Avatar if you have to, just ensure you know your audience’s needs.

If you’re able to recognise what makes your audience tick, harness that knowledge to your advantage. If they’re happy, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase.

Analyse all of your platforms. What are your Customers saying? What are they reacting positively and negatively to? What kind of conversions are you making on specific ads or paid ads?

Go deeper too! What items are they purchasing? How many at once? When are they making purchases? It might seem a bit trivial but it all counts. Every piece of information will give you hints at how you can improve your Customers’ experience to make that sale.

Understand Your Conversion Paths

Understand Your Conversion Paths

We briefly mentioned conversion paths earlier, and if that had you scratching your head then it’s time to pay attention.

Conversion paths are the routes your Customers are taking to reach the end goal of making a sale. This could be through them clicking on a paid ad, or perhaps they’ve come across your brand via organic search. Pay attention to how your Customers are converting and where they’re dropping off.

You can even use analytical tools to help with this, such as Google Analytics. You can run a Top Conversion Paths diagnostic to analyse your Customer behaviour and which avenues are giving you the results you’re after.

These sorts of results can assist in informing you for future Marketing strategies and campaigns. On the Customers’ path which touchpoints did they encounter? And which were working? It can indicate which touchpoints may need an update or change.

Transparent Content Marketing

Transparent Content Marketing

All throughout your Customers’ journey, they’re going to come across content. No matter the stage, there will be content of some form! That’s why it’s so important to get it right.

These days, especially our lovely Gen Z-ers, Customers are after more than just the bare minimum from brands. They want you to go above and beyond, and see that reflected in your content. They want brand transparency.

They desire honesty, and for your brand to act with responsibility and integrity, especially when it comes to factors such as the environment and any transparent information.

How you treat your employees, where you source materials and what you’re doing as a brand for the environment or any other world issues are important these days.

Ensure your content is not only hitting the right tone and voice, but it’s hitting the mark for what your Customers want out of your brand.


No matter where your product or service is being sold, you need to make certain that it’s consistent with your brand voice and the Customer journey. With all the information you’ve collected above, you can map out your Customer journey, complete with touchpoints!

The more you know about how your Customers are going about converting, the more you can utilise that information to ensure it keeps happening.