The Benefits Of Facebook Advertising For Your Small Business

Facebook is one of the most powerful Marketing Tools for any ambitious Small Business. With more than a billion users, Facebook has an enormous audience and is the second most visited Website on the Internet, falling only behind Google.

Starting out as a social network for US college students 13 years ago, Facebook has since grown to become an incredibly powerful Marketing and Advertising Tool for all Businesses. While it has not officially released data about its most popular age groups, a research study suggests that more than 70% of adults use Facebook. That statistic alone is why any Small Business should seize Facebook as the perfect platform by which to Market their Business Online.

Facebook now provides many incredible Advertising features that can give you the chance to increase your brand awareness, generate greater international interest in your Business and increase your customers, leads and sales.

If you’re still a little uncertain about whether you should embrace this powerful Marketing Strategy, here are some of the major benefits Facebook Advertising has to offer your Small Business.

Your Customers Spend a Lot of Time on Facebook

Your Customers Spend A Lot Of Time On Facebook

Since you’re now aware that the majority of adults use Facebook, here are some other key stats to digest. The most crucial of them all is that 80% of all Internet users are on Facebook multiple times over the course of a day, and for a variety of reasons.

This includes users wanting to see what their family or friends are up to, or to catch the latest news updates, or maybe they just want to watch videos related to their personal interests. Regardless of who they are, these are your potential customers that you’re wanting to advertise your Small Business to. The best part of about that is your Small Business doesn’t need to go over and above to reach out them, as Facebook Advertising brings your Ad directly to your targeted market. That is, the people MOST likely to buy from you.

Facebook Targeting Options

Facebook's Targeting Options

A major benefit of Facebook Advertising is its ability to target your exact audience using a number of key options. You can advertise to people by age, interests, behaviour, gender and location. If you really know your customers, you can use Facebook Advertising as a way to really engage with these customers on a personal level, and offer them products and deals they can hardly refuse!

For example, if your Small Business sells knee straps or knee braces for people who exercise or play sport, then your Facebook Ad can target people who have shown a specific interest in sports and fitness. This means your Ad will pop up on their Facebook newsfeed and you’ll be appealing to people who are most likely to want to purchase from you.

Another example is that Facebook Ads can target users specifically in your local area. For instance, if you run a small pizza shop then Facebook will target customers in your chosen geographical region near your shop. There’s no point paying for Advertising that targets to people across the other side of the city, who are unlikely to order a take-away pizza from you! Facebook’s targeting feature ensures your Ad will be viewed by the right audience.

You Can Measure Facebook Advertising Results

You Can Measure Facebook Advertising Results

One of the more pertinent questions any Small Business owner will always ask is – how much will advertising cost and how quickly can I see a return on investment?

Luckily, Facebook Advertising Campaigns are measurable, giving you the ability to assess if the Campaign is a worthwhile expense. This means you can see how many impressions, clicks, and conversions your Website is receiving. By installing what’s called ‘Facebook Pixel Codes’ on your Website’s pages, you can easily track the activity from your Ads and how many conversions you’re getting.

Furthermore, you can look at your Facebook Ad Campaign in real-time. The advantage here is that you’re not satisfied with the results, then you can make adjustments to your Ad immediately.

Facebook Ads are Tailored to Your Business

Facebook Ads Are Tailored To Your Business

One of the great things about Facebook Advertising is its versatile and customisable nature. Not only can you create Ads specifically targeted at your ideal audience, but Facebook also allows you to determine the best budget and goals for you!

While you may think that any form of Digital Advertising comes at a high cost, you may actually be pleasantly surprised. Your Small Business can literally spend under $50 on Facebook Advertising and yet still reach 1,000 potential customers. This makes it incredibly more cost-effective than spending huge money on radio ads, television commercials, billboards and other traditional media. That’s a massive advantage. And, unlike the old-fashion style of Marketing, you can see those results instantly!

Furthermore, Facebook allows you to determine your Campaign goals and objectives when you first create your Ad Campaign. This means that you’ll be able to focus more heavily on what it is exactly that you’re trying to achieve, as well as effectively assess the data for this. Perhaps your goal is to increase clicks through to your Website, or get more people to watch a specific video promoting a new product. Whatever it is, Facebook allows you to do it!

Facebook Ads Can Bring More Users to Your Blog

Facebook Ads Can Bring More Users To Your Blog

Facebook Advertising can expose your highly-entertaining Business Blog to a much bigger audience than simply posting to your standard Facebook Page will do. By including a link to your blog within your Facebook Ad, you can immediately direct thousands of potential customers to your smart and engaging content.

Just like building customer awareness and loyalty, by advertising your blog via your Facebook Ad, you can gain more trust, likability and credibility with your audience.

Facebook Advertising Increases Your SEO Ranking

Facebook Advertising Increases Your SEO Ranking

While Search Engines rank Websites based on a large number of factors, Websites that have a strong Social Media presence out-rank those without one.

By having a strong Social Media presence, such as Facebook Advertising, you’re positioning your Business as an authority within your industry, making you more appealing to Search Engines such as Google. Social activity, including shares, likes, and comments on your Ads, all work to make you more favourable, seeing you improve your Search Engine Optimisation and rise in Google’s Rankings.


Facebook Advertising has a huge number of benefits for any Small Business wanting to generate more interest in their Business and increase sales and click-throughs to their Website. While it is an investment, you stand to gain so, so much from even just investing the smallest amount to kick start your Digital Marketing efforts!