What Is a Call to Action and Why Is It Important?

With the changing landscape of Digital Marketing, it can be difficult to keep up with new trends and strategies. But one area that will stay a constant, is implementing Calls to Action

With multiple platforms and a range of ways to utilise a Call to Action (CTA), it can be spread across numerous Digital Marketing campaigns or strategies, leading to profits, subscriptions, leads or even social reach.

So let’s dive into exactly what a Call to Action is and how you can wield its mighty power in your Marketing mix.

Call to Action and Its Use in Marketing

If a Customer has come across any of your content, in quite literally any shape or on any platform, you’re most likely striving for them to click on a link, fill in a form or maybe subscribe to a service. In fact, you’ve most likely used a CTA before without realising. To persuade your Customer to act on this desire, you’ll need to be using a Call to Action

We use CTAs to assist in achieving your goals you have set in your Marketing strategies. For example, your main aim could be to generate revenue, create brand awareness or source leads. CTAs encourage your Customers to take action and serve to help you hit your Marketing campaign goals.

Types of CTAs

There are a couple of different types of CTAs. The main ones you may find are within PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

A PPC ad can be found at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), and is often highlighted in bold. If a Customer clicks on this ad, you would have to pay Google.

These links are often formatted as a CTA as their purpose is for the audience to click on the link. These links often lead to Landing Pages, and they are another source of Marketing loaded with CTAs.

The use of a Landing Page is to specifically prompt action from the audience, hence why it’s a minefield of CTAs. They may include a form for the visitor to ‘subscribe now’ to or may offer you something for free in return for information if you ‘download now for free’.

There are many CTAs that can work within your Marketing campaigns, so have a good think about which would work best for your strategy and audience.

CTA Strategies

Depending on what your goal is for your Marketing campaign, your CTA is going to look a little different.

If you’re after leads, then subscriptions and getting Customers to sign up is for you. Providing Customers with options for free trials and downloading something of value for free in exchange for their information is a useful method to achieve this.

If you’re after conversions via selling products, the CTA used can depend on the sort of products you’re offering. ‘Shop now’ can be used to entice Customers to not necessarily buy something, but begin browsing your range without pushing the buying agenda too harshly.

Using a promotional tactic, such as ‘Get X% off’, can incentivise your Customer to act quickly and can grab their attention. People even spend that little bit more if it means receiving a discount.

Book now’ works wonders if you’re in the business of services such as personal training or professional coaching. And if ecommerce is your game, alluring Customers with a ‘Free shipping with purchases over $X’ is a sure fire way to persuade them to make a larger purchase. 

If brand awareness is your main goal, you should be looking to engage Customers with your brand. ‘Like and share’ is synonymous with Social Media, use it on your platforms to connect with your Customers and reach even more.

If you’re using prizes, ‘Enter to win’ will excite your audience and give you the option for them to share, sign up or connect with their friends. A win for them and a win for you.  

But CTAs are what you make of them! Pick what works best for your business depending on your strategies, your goals, and your audience. Maybe even come up with your own unique CTA. You can assert feelings and create urgency by using emotive language and giving the users action through writing.

Ensure you’re clear and concise, and you can’t go wrong.