3 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Site

There’s no doubt Mobile Phone usage is prevalent in today’s society. Over 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and 50% of those users engage with their Mobile as the very first part of their day when they wake up! This makes it clear how often users are connected to and utilising their Mobiles devices.

We know that you may already have a stunning Website that looks a treat on a Desktop, but if it’s failing on a Mobile level then you’re clearly missing a big piece of the pie!

In this Blog we’re going to explain why building a Mobile-friendly Site is going to unlock a market that needs to be tapped into if you haven’t already, with multiple sales and Customers ready to be snapped up by your business.

Your SERP Rank Depends on It

Your SERP Rank Depends on It

If your Site is dependent on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), or you have a desire to start SEO in the near future, you are going to be severely penalised if your Site does not operate on a Mobile level. Google knows these big numbers in users that are surfing the Web via Mobile devices, thus their algorithm favours Websites with Mobile functionality and places them at the top of their SERP (Search Engine Results Page). If your Site lacks this, you certainly won’t find it sitting at the top of the all-important SERP ladder.  

If, however, your Site does possess Mobile-friendly functionality, your SEO content will shine through and you’ll be able to keep Google happy. When Google smiles, your Website smiles.

Mobile Shopping is As Prominent As Ever

Australian consumers love Online shopping, and how they’re buying their wares points straight to the Mobile Phone. A November 2020 survey indicated that smartphones ranked as the most used device for online purchasing at 47%

People of all ages are utilising their Mobile devices to obtain news, information, to work, browse social media, so there’s no doubt that users are desiring the ease of a Site they can navigate effectively to purchase a product or service.  

And this is evident in the fact that they happen to be the fastest growing device for ecommerce payments, with 24% of users now using their Mobile as their preferred device for Online purchases.

And shopping via Mobile devices will continue to grow, so the sooner your Site matches Mobile functionality, the better for your business.

Improved Brand Identity

How many times have you come across a Site via your Mobile and to your dismay, the Site was not optimised for your Mobile device, rendering it tricky to read and navigate? And how quickly did you leave that Site? We’re certain it was fairly quickly. 

Customers do not stick around on Websites for long if they’re lacking basic efficiency. 61% of users will never return to your Site and 40% will look into competitors.  

It means that you’re not only missing out on a potential sale, but your brand trust is going to be quite low with those Customers who’ve flip flopped onto a competitor. 

If you improve the user experience on your Site, it will please Google AND your Customers, resulting in a longer engagement time, improved brand awareness and a higher chance of that magical sale.


Do not snooze on the importance of a Mobile-friendly Site! Without one, you are sending your potential Customers straight into the arms of your competitors. Take our reasoning into account and stay competitive to grow your business.