As a Small Business Owner reading this blog, chances are that you’ve realised that having a Website is a fundamental part of your Marketing Strategy and have invested accordingly. If you have, that’s great! This will help you expand your Online presence, build your brand and market your Business in the best way possible!

Your new Website is the tool that will drive traffic, attract prospects and convert them into paying customers, while also creating that ‘Word of Mouth’ effect, as your customers continue to promote your brand to their friends, family, work colleagues and acquaintances.

The real battle, however, is retaining that customer over the long haul. This is a key strategic move that will see you able to continually grow your customer base while also increasing your number of repeat buyers.

At Sites n Stores, we don’t subscribe to the ‘Build and Move On’ mentality of template-based Web Development Companies. We believe in developing your product so that it reaches its full potential, which means that you’ll need to think about updating it annually if you want to stay ahead of your competition and keep attracting those customers.

After all, your Small Business is constantly growing and evolving, so it’s vital that your Website replicates these shifts and changes. It needs to grow alongside you, so as to always be promoting the most current, accurate and best representation of your Small Business.

With that in mind, we have compiled a Top Four List of ways to keep your Website looking fresh, current and up to date!

Give Your Website a Facelift

1. Give Your Website a Facelift

Just like the world of fashion, Website layouts, colours and designs come in and out of trend. For this reason, it’s absolutely necessary for your Website to stay at the forefront of these. If you don’t keep your site fresh, current and looking its best, then you could even run the risk of deterring customers, rather than attracting them.

According to a recent study by a Google Analytics Website company, more than 50 per cent of visitors will leave a webpage after just 15 seconds. And what was the main reason for this? Well, the study found that most of those users found the landing pages visually unappealing and forgettable. Even worse, almost all of them headed over to a competitor’s Website. Ouch!

Make sure this doesn’t happen to you! While a lack of great design and layout indicates stagnation, having a beautiful, new and fresh-faced Website will suggest that your Small Business integrating new online trends and understands its audience.

 Be Mobile Friendly

2. Be Mobile Friendly

A recent study by an Australian transport company found that 58 percent of its e-newsletter subscribers were viewing the email’s content on Mobile and Tablet devices, while the other 42 per cent were on desktops. Smartphones and tablets have become synonymous with Online browsing and shopping, with a staggering number of people relying on them to supply the information they need, when they need it.

This shift to Mobile searching makes it so important for you to ensure your Website is optimised appropriately for these devices. Think about how you would want to access new information and how easy the user experience should be. If you’re not providing your Website visitors with an easy way to browse your content, then you’re likely losing sales by the second.

Having a responsive Website that is Mobile friendly helps to increase your chances of prospects viewing your Business as professional and allows them to comfortably navigate your Website, giving them the optimum user experience. All of these will help to drive your sales dramatically.

 Invest in Social Media

3. Invest in Social Media

If you don’t have Social Media icons integrated into your Website then this is a simple way to update your Website that could see huge benefits for your Business.

Popular Social Media platforms Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become crucial tools in helping Businesses to promote their Business. They allow you to personalise the customer experience, strengthen your branding and familiarise yourself with your potential customers.

By setting up a social presence, and adding this to your Website in the form of icons, you’ll give your Website visitors the chance to engage with your Business on another level. It also means that, even if they didn’t purchase from you initially, they may decide to follow you on Social Media, allowing you to target them with content and stay at the forefront of their minds.

Furthermore, if these visitors begin to follow you on Social Media, they can potentially become promoters of your brand by re-posting, liking and sharing your content with their own Social Media friends and followers.

Consistently update your Website content

4. Consistently update your Website content

While your Small Business might possess the latest technology and innovative design, keeping your Website’s content fresh and relevant is just as important when staying up to date.

New, engaging content is ultimately the key element that communicates what your Small Business offers, as it dictates your Business’s character, delivers your brand’s message and persuades your potential customers to invest in your services or buy your products.

There are numerous ways you can add and improve upon your Website’s current content. You can invest in content incorporating Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which will increase your Website’s ranking in Search Engines. Or perhaps you add a blog, which is useful in keeping your market engaged and positioning yourself as a leading expert in your industry.

So, if you’re thinking your Website could do with a fresh new look and needs an update, try out some of these effective strategies! Whether you refresh your layout, add Social Media icons or invest in SEO, keeping your Website current will keep your Business ahead of the competition and appealing to your potential customers!